We are the worldwide patent holders and global licensors of the

original from-below, push-up electromagnetic levitation technology,

the exclusive source for Levitron antigravity tops and accessories,

and the home of the world’s largest collection of fun magnetic stuff.

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Patented LEVITRON® electromagnetic levitation technology


Trademarked LEVITRON® spin-stabilized levitation technology



Levitation Arts’ LEVITRON® electromagnetic levitation system is the world’s first economical

from-below levitation technology. Although others have tried to copy it, and even claimed

inventorship, Levitation Arts is the sole, worldwide patent holder of the technology. Originally

invented by Dr. Lorne Whitehead at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada,

the technology was first patented back in 1992. Levitation Arts currently owns the next 

generation patents – granted to Dr. Whitehead and his UBC colleague, Dr. Harold Davis –

in the United States, Canada, Australia, South America, China, Japan, and other countries. 

founder electromagnetic levitation technology lorne whitehead university british columbia

Inventor Dr. Lorne Whitehead

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