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We Are The Exclusive Worldwide Patent Holder and Global Licensor of the Original From-Below Electromagnetic Levitation Technology, As Well As The Exclusive Source For Original Levitron Antigravity Tops And Accessories, And Rare One-Of-A-Kind Magnetic Levitation Products

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When Pigs Fly… The Time is NOW!

The History of the World’s First From-Below Electromagnetic Levitation System Began… In 1992 University of British Columbia professor and physicist, Dr. Lorne Whitehead was granted his first patent for his levitation invention. Whitehead’s patent was a pivotal point in history, making it possible to believe that “Pigs CAN fly!”

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Levitation Arts is the exclusive patent holder of from-below electromagnetic levitation technology in the U.S., Canada , Australia, South Africa, China and Japan, with patents pending in nearly 30 countries, including the European union.

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