Superconducting Levitation Kit

superconductivity kit

Finally, there is superconductor levitation, which can float a permanent magnet over one of  several different substances with “superconducting” qualities.  But the limitation with this last method is that, at present, all known superconducting materials must be cooled to extremely cold temperatures in order to manifest their levitation properties.  This is commonly accomplished by cooling the superconductor in liquid nitrogen – a process which, up until recently, was impractical except in a laboratory setting.


But recently, innovations in manufacturing have resulted in the availability of high-quality inexpensive superconductivity demonstration kits.  We offer one of these here, manufactured by the Arbor Scientific company, which has been producing supplies for science teacher classroom use for nearly forty years.  The kit includes a Petri dish, low temperature plastic forceps, a 1/8” diameter Neodymium magnet, and - most importantly - a precisely-formulated 1” diameter by 1/8” thick superconductive ceramic disc.


The needed liquid nitrogen must be obtained locally, and small amounts can be bought inexpensively at almost any welding supply store.  Also required are leather gloves and eye protection goggles, which many people already have, or which can be purchased at any hardware store.  NOTE: This product is not intended for unsupervised use by children, since liquid nitrogen must be handled carefully to avoid injury.  Our kit comes with detailed use and safety instructions, and can produce a small but still “mind blowing” levitation effect in your own home.  Sorry, but there are no returns on this special product.

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