Superconducting Levitation Kit


This levitation kit can float a small magnet over a “superconducting” ceramic disc – which must be cooled to extremely low temperatures in order to work its magic.  This is done by immersing the disc in liquid nitrogen – a process which previously could not be done by the average person at home.  But this new kit lets you do it, and includes a Petri dish, plastic forceps, a 1/8” Neo magnet, and a 1” by 1/8”  ceramic disc.  The liquid nitrogen you need can be bought at any welding supply store, and the leather gloves and eye goggles you’ll want can be bought at any hardware store. NOTE: This product is not intended for children, since liquid nitrogen must be handled carefully to avoid injury.  Our kit comes with detailed use and safety instructions, and produces a “mind blowing” levitation effect.  There are no returns on this special product.

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