Diamagnetic Levitation Products

Diamagnetic Graphite Poke Cropped and Resized

Diamagnetism is a property of certain elements - such as graphite or bismuth - which in combination with strong permanent magnets, can result in free-floating stable levitation without electronic feedback (like our from-below levitators) or spin-stabilization (like our permanent magnet levitating tops). The "clean-air" gap is small, but the levitation is everlasting and truly magical.  Amazingly, the discovery that all physical matter is somewhat diamagnetic led scientists to the revelation that they can levitate anything with a strong enough magnetic field - including even living creatures!  (See the video on our science page HERE)


Levitating Zen Monk

diamagnetic monk gif

Cast in pure bismuth, the little meditating monk achieves cosmic balance thanks to a rare-earth Neodymium magnet and the amazing diamagnetic properties of bismuth. The tiny magnet hovers between the monk's praying hands touching nothing.  Undisturbed, it will float there for the rest of your life.


Gravity Rod

gravity rod zoom in

The Gravity Rod is a beautiful piece of fine-art that provides shelter for (and free-floating suspension of) an exquisite little rare-earth magnet. In this oasis the magnet will hover magically, touching nothing but air for a millennium.


Solar Eclipse Sculpture

Solar Eclispe Scultpure 1

A magnetic fine-art piece that levitates a small Neo magnet. The effect is reminiscent of a solar eclipse when a light source is behind the opening.


Adjustable Lucite Levitator

adjustable graphite diamagnetic levitator

This vintage diamagnetic levitator with two adjustable functions is a perfectly preserved example of an early handmade prototype.


Diamagnetic Box Levitator

wooden box diamagnetic

In a wooden box, a pyrolytic graphite chip floats friction-free above an alternately-arranged set of strong magnets.


"Flatland Plane" Levitator


Float a large number of decorated pyrolytic graphite "characters" over a hand-crafted wood-enclosed rare earth magnet matrix.


Wooden Diamagnetic Levitator


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