About Levitation Arts LLC

What’s Not Better When It’s Floating?

Levitation Arts is “fueled by the spirit of innovation and development” and has worked very hard for several years “to cultivate a strong IP position”. The business was built as an entertainment enterprise specializing in the design, development, and distribution of electromagnetic levitation technology and products using that technology.

The core business of Levitation Arts is the licensing of its patented technology to companies and individuals for the design and development of levitating products. In addition to its customized license agreements, Levitation Arts also designs products, and oversees the manufacturing, distribution, marketing, promotions, and all the logistics for its licensees upon request and with agreement.

Levitation Arts has a robust international patent portfolio, and the technology. Additionally is protected with two US Patents US7,348,691 and US7,505,243, and international patents or patents-pending, in approximately 30 countries, including European Application 03753183.7, Japanese Patents JP4685449 and JP5363357, China Patent CN1729614A, Hong Kong Patent HK1088128, Canada 2510566, Australia 2003000271474, and South Africa 2005/03370 – in total about thirty countries.

We have developed dozens of different product applications that we believe your company is in a unique position to help us manifest. A brief overview of a number of these is in the six-page document attached to this email.

In addition to these generations of products for generations of people that we can create from our existing IP, Levitation Arts continues to innovate and has even more “levitation for the masses” in the incubation stage. This will generate additional patents with additional decades of patent protection.

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