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Levitation Arts Patent Licensing

Levitation Arts patented From-Below Electromagnetic Levitation Technology has been licensed by:

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Manufacturers, product distributors, major corporations, and cutting edge entrepreneurs worldwide have licensed the patented From-Below Electromagnetic Levitation Technology from Levitation Arts, Inc. Companies like Sega, Hammacher Schlemmer, Sharper Image, Hallmark, and Mattel have recognized that things floating in mid-air have a “magical” power and unlimited potential for fun!


Science Masquerading as Magic

Levitation Arts’ Gravitron® technology can float a permanent magnet and whatever that magnet is concealed inside from below or in any direction. The floating object can also be animated, illuminated and even flown around a playing field.

Some of the possible uses for licensed Gravitron® technology include:

  • toys & games
  • gifts & gadgets
  • novelties & collectibles
  • home decorations
  • lamps & nightlights
  • fountains & fine art
  • consumer electronics
  • bluetooth speakers & cell phone chargers
  • aromatherapy diffusers & vaporizers
  • magic tricks & Illusions
  • visual merchandising & POP displays
  • location-based entertainment venus such as theme parks, fine arts exhibits, science museums, and corporate installations


Levitation Arts is the patent owner, developer and exclusive licensor of the unique, affordable Gravitron® technology that makes it possible to bring anti-gravity magic to the masses. This patented From-Below Electromagnetic Levitation technology is adaptable, scalable, and customizable. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

For information about licensing electromagnetic levitation technology from Levitation Arts, contact

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