Deluxe Ionizer Globe


This striking 6-inch black-and-silver world globe hovers and revolves over a sleek black flying saucer base with built-in switchable blue lighting.

And, uniquely, this particular model also features a fan-less negative ion generator.  As many already know, being exposed to negative ions is actually a positive thing!   Most forms of natural and man-made pollution carry a positive electrical charge, and an excess of positive ions can impede brain function, while increasing anxiety, fatigue, and poor concentration.

In nature, positive ions are commonly offset by negative ions – which have (you guessed it) a very positive effect. Negative ions are produced naturally by the seashore, on mountains, in forests, and by waterfalls. These negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that relieve stress and boost energy (among other things) which is why many people report positive effects from negative ions.

Strong air ionizers have even proven to inactivate viruses and reduce the rate of infections. While the negative ion generator in the base of this Levitron levitator is undoubtedly a modest one we believe that, when combined with the upliftment levitation provides, it’s a “couldn’t-hurt ight-help” situation!

We only have one left of this feel-good levitating globe, and it’s in brand new condition – though the retail display box shows a little wear (and is also in Chinese)!

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