Levitron Revolution


This is our best all-purpose platform to levitate your own small collectibles and memorabilia weighing up to 12 ounces – or even a pound or more if you balance the levitated load carefully and are willing to accept a slightly diminished floating height.  You can set a sculpture or other object on top of the Floater magnet, or conceal the magnet inside a floating object for an even more magical effect.

The 4″ base is stainless steel (and comes with a sleek white protective plastic covering that you can leave on if you want a white base or remove if you want chrome) It has 4 LED lights which illuminate the levitated object, and also act as a visual assist in this model’s “EZ Float” launch system.

Because of COVID-related shutdowns in the China companies that make these, they are currently very hard-to-get.   A few of our stock are in the original Levitron boxes but most are in generic Chinese or plain boxes – inquire for availability before ordering.

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