Acoustic Levitation DIY Kit


Acoustic levitation is an interesting phenomenon: it takes advantage of the fact that sound waves carry mechanical energy in order to exert force on an object. In this case, that force is directed against gravity to make the object levitate. Unlike magnetic levitation, acoustic levitation can be used on a wide range of materials (even insects), though it is a weaker force. The TinyLev can lift light objects with a maximum length of about 4 millimeters.

This product comes unassembled and includes: a
3D-printed TinyLev, one Arduino Nano with mini USB cable, seventy-five 10mm 40kHz transducers, one L298N dual motor drive board, a DC power adaptor 9V, a power switch, one DC female connector(5.5 X2.1mm), some jumper wires, some black and red wire, and some exposed wire.  No returns on this build-it-yourself kit.