Whee-Lo Type Toys

Automated Whee Lo

Originally invented in the 1950s, the Whee-Lo was one of the first gravity-defying toys. Thanks to magnets in the axle of the wheel, it can run above and below the track, and around in a continuous motion with practice. The addictive appeal is akin to that of a yo-yo, and long after the original patent expired, variations continue to proliferate - incorporating features such as speed controllers and lights. We have several models, including vintage collectables and low-cost newer versions.

Original Whee-Lo

The magical toy that started it all.


Modern Gyro Wheel

A modern incarnation of the classic.


Rail Twirler

A more compact wheel & rail toy.


Tumbling Tigger Whirly Wheel

Vintage Disney Collectable


Wizmo Magnetic Marvel

Rare Double Handle Whirly Wheel


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