Tai Chi Levitron


This one-of-a-kind vintage Chinese product is no longer made, and is not available anywhere else.   It’s in “new” condition – although the display box (mostly in Chinese) shows signs of wear.  Taiji is better known in the west as “Tai Chi” – which most people recognize as a slow-motion form of exercise (for both the body and mind), often practiced by groups in public parks.  But Tai Chi can also be a fast-moving martial art which embraces the idea of effortlessly deflecting an opposing force to protect oneself.  The spiritual aspects the creators felt is reflected in the inscription on the side of the box: “How can dream fly high – Nothing is impossible to a willing heart!”  This uniquely high-performance model can levitate over 160 grams – as shown by the 5 ½ oz flying “Kenny” in the video.

Floating sculpture not included.

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