Levitation Arts Founders

Karen Campisano and Mike Sherlock, the founders of Levitation Arts

turned a fascination with levitation into a global business on the cutting edge of entertainment and technology.

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Karen Campisano (Chief Executive Officer) started her sales and marketing career in the lighting industry, and her partner Mike Sherlock (Chief Levitation Officer) ran his own company working in film and video production.

In the late 1990s, the couple started their first magnetic levitation business when they happened upon the first commercial from-below magnetic levitating novelty, the Levitron antigravity top – in which a small magnet was held in space over a large magnet by the gyroscopic effect of spinning, an effect known as spin-stabilized permanent magnet levitation.

Commercial overhead levitators had been around for decades, usually in the form of a globe suspended just under an electromagnet. But the Levitron top was different in that there was nothing above or around the floating magnet.

Mike and Karen were instantly struck with the emotional impact of this simple inch or so of “from-below” levitation. They were also struck with how difficult it was to precisely weight, balance and level the magnetic tops in order to achieve stabile levitation. So they created an instructional video that turned anyone into a Levitron master, and turned them into the largest retailers in the world of antigravity tops.

In the process they realized that this new form of levitation caused a joyful reaction in every generation and gender. They saw that it ignited the imagination, and inspired all who experienced it with the possibilities of life.

Thus, when they were approached in 1998 by Dr. Lorne Whitehead – a physicist from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada – they instantly recognized that his invention, a from-below electromagnetic levitator, had the same power to amaze and uplift. So Mike and Karen partnered with Dr. Whitehead, and his colleague Dr. Harold Davis, to develop, and eventually market. what came to be called Gravitron levitation technology.

In 2006 they purchased the University’s ownership of the patents and started Levitation Arts, Inc. Today, Levitation Arts, Inc. markets both Levitron and Gravitron brand levitation technologies.

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